This is the very first season of the Mutant Showdown Draft League! I do not know how many teams, because i dont know how many, if any, teams will play. Rules are simple: Draft 12 Pokemon in a snake style draft; -1 Tier 1 (180 Points) -1 Tier 2 (120 Points) -1 Tier 3 (100 Points) -1 Tier 4 (60 Points) -2 Tier 5 (40 Points) -1 Mega -4 Free Pokemon (400 points to Buy them) (Draft T1 Mega = -40 points; T2 Mega = 0 points; T3 Mega = +40 points; T4 Mega = +60 points) -1 Wild Card (At the end of the draft, you may draft 1 wild card Pokemon, which can be from any tier, but you may only bring it to one game in the regular season, you can NOT bring it to playoffs or finals) -At the end of the draft, every coach has the opportunity to switch one Pokemon they drafted for another that is still left in the draft pool, as long as it fits in the tier requirement, if they decide to; randomly generated order. There is NO trading or free transfers in this league, make your draft count! Unlimited Z crystals, no omniboositng z moves. Baton pass is allowed, but either passing only speed, or passing anything else without speed